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The Nan Yang hand-made silk carpet is well-known in the world and it's regarded as the valuable collector and this is because it's completely hand-made with excellent materials, and elegant designs. It requires not only skillful workmanship, but also patience and insistence by turning silk into carpet, stitch by stitch and thread by thread.

Based on the complexity of the design, craftwork and materials, it generally takes one day for a skillful worker to make 6000 to 7000 knots but it can be more or less depending on situations. Thus, it needs half a year to make a 2 × 3 feet carpet of 300 lines(90,000knots per square foot), 1.5 years to weave a 2 × 3 feet silk carpet of 500 lines(250,000knots per square foot), two years to knot a 1 × 1.5 feet silk carpet with 800 lines(640,000knots per square foot) and 3 years to make a 1.2 × 1.5 feet silk carpet with 1000 lines(1000,000 knots per square foot). The silk thread which is used to knot the top quality carpet is as thin as a hair and sometimes weavers even need magnifiers when knotting. Because this work is so harmful to weavers' eyes that they seldom can make another piece of carpet with the same quality and therefore this kind of silk carpet is called "soft gold".
Carpet is a special item and it has more value if with longer history. A Persian carpet with 400 year history could sell even more than 1 million us dollars. The specialty of the hand-made carpet is its uniqueness. That is to say, if you pay for one piece of the hand-made carpet, you are also paying for its uniqueness of the style, design and workmanship. For this item which is born as unique when manufactured, it will only be more and more precious and will not devaluated as time goes. With this understanding, many families regard the carpet as the valuable commodity and pass on generation by generation. Very interesting is that this also leaves a room for fakers who would put the carpet in the dirty street and it's said that such carpet could also sell at more expensive prices. 
Recently, people tend to attribute more and more importance on the cultural connotation and value behind the commodity and carpet is exactly one of them. With a carpet at home, it will either make your house look noble or is full of foreign resplendence at Persian style. This would impress greatly every of your visitors and will get them moved due to the unique cultural atmosphere.
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