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Tools for making Persian rug

The weaving of a carpet requires a list of certain tools and these tools can be classified mainly as follows according to their functions:

The Design Drawing
Before weaving a carpet, the weavers will firstly need a colored drawing of it. The drawing was usually designed by the famous artists or designers and the weaver follow exactly every detail as indicated on the drawing.

A loom is a wooden frame that holds the carpet while it is being woven. It generally consists of 4 bars, two are horizontal ( one at the top and the other one at the bottom), the rest two go vertically from side to side so that the whole loom looks like a standing frame. The warp yarns are fixed between the top and bottom bars and the width determines the length of a carpet by the two sidebars.

Iron Comb
After the completion of each row of knots, the weaver need to use a special iron comb to press the weft and knots tightly together so that carpet can be woven evenly and to secure knots in place.

Scissors and knives
Another tool that is commonly used are scissors and knives. They are both used to cut any unnecessary piles and strands during the weaving process.

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