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In terms of the locations, the Chinese hand-made carpets can be classified into Nan Yang, Xing Jiang and Tibetan carpets. 

NanYang Silk Carpet 
Nanyang LocationNan Yang is located in the south-west area of He Nan Province where the silkworm raising is quite popular. The main advantage of silk there is of long fiber with strong resilience, high tension and fine touch, therefore it's especially suitable for use to produce high quality silk carpets. With fine workmanship and elegant designs, Nan Yang Carpet enjoys high reputation among the in-house decorations and is of high value both practically and from the art viewpoint. 
Recently, the real silk carpet manufacturing is developing rapidly in Nan Yang and it's now been the largest place for this industry in the world. Each year more than 80% of the high quality carpet is manufactured there and with quality much better than what's made in Iran. The Nan Yang "1100 lines Silk Carpet" is now known as the " King of Carpet".
XinJiang Carpet
The Xin Jiang carpet has a history which is over 3000 years and is famous for its superb quality, dense pile, flat surface and elegant designs in the world. It's hand-knotted and woven with local superb wool which is called as He Tian Wool. The primary advantage of the He Tian Wool is of high elasticity, tension and brightness and is very suitable for carpet weaving.The pigment used are also taken from the plants i.e. safflower, madder, indigo, Chinese Scholar tree flowers, pomegranate bark, and some mineral materials. Therefore, the color is always bright and never faded. 
Xin Jiang carpets have common features in the pattern and design which is typical of local characteristics. It's with variously sized laces in multi-layer width, centered with geometrical two-square or four-square patterns and dotted with various auspicious pictures i.e. flowers, branches and leaves and auspicious animals. etc. This structured design gives a life to the carpet itself and make it look vivid and metrical. 
Tibet Carpet 
The wool produced in Tibet is rigid and elastic, which is suitable for making the carpet as well. In Tibet, Jiang Zi area is the place where the highest quality carpets are produced. It's of the fine workmanship, bright design and durability and has a history of over 600 years.
Jiang Zi Carpet can also be called as the Jiang Zi Kardian in terms of the sizes. Generally, those with sizes larger than 18 square feet are called as the carpet and those with smaller sizes are called as the Kardian. This carpet usually use cotton as the warp and wool as the weft yarns and dyed with acid pigments. Some also use the plant juice and colorful mineral materials and its chief advantage is brightness and will never faded. 
The traditional design of the Jiang Zi carpet usually follows temple frescos i.e. "Two dragons playing with a pearl", Mountains and Rivers and some other designs. Nowadays there are more designs such as the Potala Palace, Everest, the Great Wall, the bridge of the Nan Jing Yangtze River and this is highly welcomed by the customers from all over the world.
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