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The comparisions between silk & wool area rugs

Silk as well as wool are both natural materials regular in the making of carpets. Wool carpets are usually cheaper than silk carpets, nevertheless each type of the rug is more expensive than that made of man-made materials.

Rugs made of natural silk fibers feature with silk lustering and shine. While wool has a matte visual appearance. Each of those are not easy to distinguish through touch, therefore generally request about the materials of a carpet ahead of purchasing.
Silk & wool carpets can be found in a number of diverse motifs, structure & colours. Whereas wool area rugs are generally completely wool, silk area rugs, caused by the cost & fineness of silk, are generally made up of a modest proportion of silk woven into wool.
Wool carpets are elastic and provide normal safeguard from drips and stains and are an superb option for all places in your house. Silk area rugs are more gentle and ought to be used in areas with not too much foot traffic.
Silk gives luster and shine to area rugs, supplying aesthetic advantages, but lacks plenty of functional advantages. Wool provides sturdiness along with prevention to fire as well as dust mites in carpets.
Where it made
Wool rugs are widely woevn in vast areas in the world, from middle east, central asia, south asia and China. Silk rugs are made in Iran, Turkey, as well as China.
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