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How to order a Persian silk rug

The way of making Persian silk carpet is typically by forming numerous knots between 2 horizontal bars called the loom, the materials are generally natural fibers like silk, wool and cotton, then dyed with herbal plant. Weaving Persian rug is a time consuming job, a fine knotted piece costs a skillful artisan months even years to finish. This tends to make hand-crafted Persian carpets valued investment, in addition to a beautiful asset to any cottage. In case a hand-crafted Persian silk carpet is out of your budget,  a machine made Persian rug is also available as option. Persian silk carpets are durable, elegant, beautiful, easily to be cleaned and kept, this makes it popular all around the most nations. 

persian silk rugBefore purchasing a Persian silk rug, you should measure the place where to place the carpet. The data will help you to purchase a right size rug that perfect fit your room.

Determine which kind of Persian silk rug you want, a machine made or hand-crafted. Handmade Persian rugs are more beautiful than that machine made, and the value can last for decades even centuries. A fine used Persian silk rug can be also sold after years of usage, wheras a machine made one is seldom interested by people. 

Persian silk rugs are easily found today, you can find a dealer near you or a reputed seller on internet. Before you see the actual rug, it usually can be difficult to make sure that the rug you want is handmade or  machine made, thus, shop at a reputed rug dealer is very important. Bosi Carpet remind you that you purchase from a reputed seller who has large quantity of stock, especially speciallized in handmade carpets. Beside, if you can order from a handmade carpet factory, it will greatly save dollors and ensure you ordered a high quality Persian silk rugs. 

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