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Can I clean my Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs At Home to Save $$$!

There is a common question for Persian rug or Oriental rug owners, can I wash my rug at home? I've recently stumbled upon several articles in which pointed out area rug owners can save lots of dollars washing their rugs on their own instead of getting their valuable wool carpets cleaned by professional clean agent. Well I have to say cleaned a large size hand knotted rug by professionals is not cheap, but let's spend a few minutes to check out what exactly is related to this process in depth. Then you can make your own idea that if it is wise to wash your rug by professionals.

An experienced professional cleaner will initial get ride of the dust particles out from your rug using special equipment. This should not be accomplished by house cleaning vacuum cleaners. Dust particles are quite persistent to go out of their nest from inside the body of a rug. Also, they are as sharp as a brand new blade. When you walking on a dusty area rug, these particles will cut the fiber, causing premature points of worn pile. Perhaps you may have seen a rug which is just 10 years aged but yet shows sported points here and there.

A gentle way is then added to the surface area so as to avoid colors from fading. Wet down with large quantity of water on the surface of a rug personally may cause colors cross, particularly in rugs which is chemical dyed wool. As a result, you will see remnants of yellow or red in spots of beige or lighter colors. At a washing facility, the rug will then be washed by regular detergents and washed with a large quantity of water. The excessive water is taken out from the rug, usually by using centrifuge machines. The final step is flatted the rug and let it dried up by air. If weather is too wet or cold to naturally dry a rug, then heater equipment will come into use, but they usually contribute to remnants of a yellow shade on the surface. Thus drying Oriental rugs under natural condition is the best choice.

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In general, hand knotted rugs can be cleaned at home. The question is: "Is it worth doing?" I have seen many of them cleaned at home and entirely damaged. Always remember that these area rugs can't be washed too frequently possibly. Like any other woven textitles, washing too often will reduce their life span. As a test, rub your hand on the pile with strong back and forth motions for a few seconds and in case your hand becomes dusty, then you should have your area rug washed. By professional cleaning service!

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