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Pakistan handmade carpets

In the time of the Mogul rulers, in the 16th/17th century, Lahore was already a centre of the weaving art. Persian master craftsmen helped the manufacturies to great fame.Mostly it was Moslem weavers, which came from the bordering countries Afghanistan, Iran , or from Kashmir, bringing their designs with them.

After the separation of the country - mainly due to religious reasons - into the Indian Union (=country of the Hindustani) and Pakistan (=country of the Moslems), the country won its independence from the British Empire in 1947. A renaissance of the knotted carpet is last but not at least due to the Moslem weavers who came into the country after the division.Today Pakistan carpet productions are an important commercial factor. The carpets are made in home work as well as in manufacturies, and the rural people still play a big role in this.

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