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The geographical term Afghanistan does not at all concur with the name of the carpet. The majority of the so-called Afghan carpets are made by the Turkoman tribes, the Ersari, Saryk, Salor, Tekke, and their sub-tribes. Several of these nomad tribes populate the north and northwest of Afghanistan, though the majority lives in Turkmenistan and Usbekistan, and even in the outer northeast corner of Iran. All of them make the same kind of carpet - the Afghan.  But in the remaining areas of Afghanistan carpets are also produced, for example in Daulatabad, Karkinin, and other places. In part the different descriptions name the province of origin, but sometimes the name stands for the motif, or for a certain quality.

Afghan carpets are mostly of a dark, heavy red. In the center are big octagons, so called Guls (=rose), which sometimes can have a diameter of up to 30 cm. Mostly they are knotted in a Turkish knot, only a few manufactury products, for example from Daulatabad or Mazari-i-Sharif, show a Persian knot. Overall in this country the horizontal loom is used.

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