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The way to recognize a Chinese Rug if it is handmade in Chin

The way to recognize a Chinese Rug if it is handmade in China

During the nineteenth century & beginning of the twentieth century, Western and governmental demand for the Chinese carpet industry developping. Chinese  population was a huge source for cheap labor. Nowadays, Chinese rugs are limited by labor quantity, cost, this caused production quantity is lower than before, but China is still one of largest country for outputing handmade rugs. Chinese rug making has been greatly influenced by a lot of countries in designs and colors to satisfy globe needs. Chinese rugs can be marked handmade but are actually not. Here are a few methods to examine the carpet you are interested in to see if it is a handmade Chinese rug.
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How to make a Chinese handmade rug

The Chinese handmade carpet is produced in a complicated traditional wortk . This is extremely hardworking and time consuming processes which includes: Design drawing, Thread dying, Warp Hanging, Weaving, Shearing, Washing, edge fringing, etc.

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