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Materials of Chinese rugs and carpets

The primary materials used in carpets are wool and silk In some cases, cotton, flax and synthetics are also used just to make the product cheaper. Most tribal or nomadic rugs are wool pile and wool foundation. However, the natural fibers are most commonly used in the hand-made carpets because of its softness and smoothness. 


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How to make a Chinese handmade rug

The Chinese handmade carpet is produced in a complicated traditional wortk . This is extremely hardworking and time consuming processes which includes: Design drawing, Thread dying, Warp Hanging, Weaving, Shearing, Washing, edge fringing, etc.

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The producing area of Chinese rugs

In terms of the locations, the Chinese hand-made carpets can be classified into Nan Yang, Xing Jiang and Tibetan carpets. 
Nan Yang is located in the south-west area of He Nan Province where the silkworm raising is quite popular. The main advantage of silk there is of long fiber with strong resilience, high tension and fine touch, therefore it's especially suitable for use to produce high quality silk carpets. 

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History of Chinese handmade rug


As a Chinese traditional hand-made craftwork, carpet weaving is of the long histories.

Xin Jiang Province is one of the major places where the Chinese carpets originated. The climate there is rigidly cold and people live in nomadic life. This created a huge demand of the wool fabric products to keep them warm or even make their life more beautiful. The carpet was firstly structured as plain back knitted, later on the coarse weft tufted fabric texture and much thicker tufted carpet appeared.

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Patterns & designs of Chinese rugs

The Chinese hand made carpets have a lot of varieties and elegant designs and patterns. each being different in styles. The main representative patterns are: traditional artistic "Beijing Style", "Antique Style" and "Glassical Style"; There are also "Antique Style" modeled after the folk and court artistic style; 

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Why people choose Aubusson rugs

There are many kinds of beautiful carpets in the marketplace, Persian, oriental, kilim, soumak and more, but many people insist to choose Aubusson rugs to enlight their home. The unique kind of rug offers much more than it ever did. Aubusson rug dates back to over 300 years ago, when it was created by French Aubusson town intellgient people. Its beauty never fades in hundred of years, numerous people loved it and reputation continued to grow till it achieved the high leavel stage of today, one of the most desired and appreciated kind of rug.

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Chinese Carpets and The Advantages

Lots of countries around the world making carpets, some countries like Iran, Turkey, China, India, and Pakistan are well recognized carpet making countries. Above countries not simply produce the carpets but also export carpets to other countries too. The carpets export  business lets these countries make large amount of earnings. For this reason these countries have set high standards for manufacturing good and quality carpets. China carpet industry is very large, various kinds of handmade carpets can be made in this country, like Aubusson carpets, Persian carpets, needlepoint carpets and also is a great country from where you can purchase a carpet easily. Chinese carpets are very nice in colors, designs and comfortable to use and own many great features.

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Can I clean my Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs At Home to Save $$$!

There is a common question for Persian rug or Oriental rug owners, can I wash my rug at home? I've recently stumbled upon several articles in which pointed out area rug owners can save lots of dollars washing their rugs on their own instead of getting their valuable wool carpets cleaned by professional clean agent. Well I have to say cleaned a large size hand knotted rug by professionals is not cheap, but let's spend a few minutes to check out what exactly is related to this process in depth. Then you can make your own idea that if it is wise to wash your rug by professionals.

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The Reasons Of Needlepoint

Needlepoint is a triditional art that forming stitch on an open-weave fabric called canvas. Wool especially which from New Zealand is most commly used fibers in needlepoint. The canvas fabric is commonly made of starched cotton that constructed with horizontal and vertical threads that are woven together to make precisely placed holes between threads, then wool yarns stiched in the holes as knots. Needlepoint pattern is created by numerous knots whith a needle, one knot takes up one whole, the small knot looks like a point that made by a needle, that's also the needlepoint takes its name from.

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How to choose a wool rug for home decor

When you are preparing to purchase a handmade wool rug to increase the interior decoration along with elegance of your house, then there ought to be several concerns which might be considered prior to making an investment. Despite the fact that nearly all carpets possess a useful function that they can keep the flooring warm and gentle underfoot, they are not always inexpensive and as a consequence you simply must be certain that the things your purchasing is some sort of quality item.

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