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Pakistan handmade carpets

In the time of the Mogul rulers, in the 16th/17th century, Lahore was already a centre of the weaving art. Persian master craftsmen helped the manufacturies to great fame.Mostly it was Moslem weavers, which came from the bordering countries Afghanistan, Iran , or from Kashmir, bringing their designs with them.

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India handmade carpets

In the humid climate of this multinational state carpets did not play a role at first. In the 16th century the Mogul rulers, who were very fond of Persian art, brought in famous weaving craftsmen from Persia, to be in charge of their newly founded court manufacturies. Magnificent carpets for the imperial palaces were created. Only later a particular Indian style developed.

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Afghanistan hand made carpets

The geographical term Afghanistan does not at all concur with the name of the carpet. The majority of the so-called Afghan carpets are made by the Turkoman tribes, the Ersari, Saryk, Salor, Tekke, and their sub-tribes. Several of these nomad tribes populate the north and northwest of Afghanistan

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Turkmenistan handmade rugs

Without doubt carpets were made in Turkmenistan since unknown times, even so - due to the seclusion of this region - there is no certain knowledge of carpet making before 1800.

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Caucasus handmade rugs and carpets

Arabic historians and travelers from the 8th to the 13th century have left numerous reports about Caucasian carpets, and it seems clear, that the art of weaving must be the most ancient in this rough region.

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Turkey handmade rugs and carpets

Handmade carpets were possibly brought by the Seljuk people to Asia Minor. When the Venetian merchant, Marco Polo, came to the former capital, the city of Konya, in the year 1283, he wrote, that there he found the most beautiful and exquisite carpets of the world.

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Persian handmade rugs and carpets

Despite many presumptions it remains unknown, when the Persian carpet emerged. The first knotted carpets, which where discovered in the 4th and 5th pre-christian century, were not of Persian origin. It can be supposed, that the technique of knotting was brought to the country with the invasion of the Seljuks in the 11th century. 

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Countries of origin the oriental rugs

Carpet-making is one of the oldest known crafts. Its roots lie in the heart of Central Asia ,The main areas of Oriental knotting are in Persia, Turkey, the Caucasus, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and China.


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Quality criteria of oriental rug

The key factors which involve the quality of the carpet are as follows:
1. The materials used to weave the carpet. The world's finest carpet is made of silk instead of anything else, i.e. silk warp, weft yarn and silk piles.
2. The density of the carpet. The density is measured by the number of the warp lines per inch. With more lines, the carpet design looks more elegant but it takes longer manufacturing time in return. 

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One of world best rugs - Chinese silk rug and carpet

The Nan Yang hand-made silk carpet is well-known in the world and it's regarded as the valuable collector and this is because it's completely hand-made with excellent materials, and elegant designs. It requires not only skillful workmanship, but also patience and insistence by turning silk into carpet, stitch by stitch and thread by thread.

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