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How to order a Persian silk rug

Persian silk rugThe way of making Persian silk carpet is typically by forming numerous knots between 2 horizontal bars called the loom, the materials are generally natural fibers like silk, wool and cotton, then dyed with herbal plant. Weaving Persian rug is a time consuming job, a fine knotted piece costs a skillful artisan months even years to finish. This tends to make hand-crafted Persian carpets valued investment, in addition to a beautiful asset to any cottage. In case a hand-crafted Persian silk carpet is out of your budget,  a machine made Persian rug is also available as option. Persian silk carpets are durable, elegant, beautiful, easily to be cleaned and kept, this makes it popular all around the most nations. 

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The way to recognize a Chinese Rug if it is handmade in Chin

The way to recognize a Chinese Rug if it is handmade in China

During the nineteenth century & beginning of the twentieth century, Western and governmental demand for the Chinese carpet industry developping. Chinese  population was a huge source for cheap labor. Nowadays, Chinese rugs are limited by labor quantity, cost, this caused production quantity is lower than before, but China is still one of largest country for outputing handmade rugs. Chinese rug making has been greatly influenced by a lot of countries in designs and colors to satisfy globe needs. Chinese rugs can be marked handmade but are actually not. Here are a few methods to examine the carpet you are interested in to see if it is a handmade Chinese rug.
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The comparisions between silk & wool area rugs

Silk as well as wool are both natural materials regular in the making of carpets. Wool carpets are usually cheaper than silk carpets, nevertheless each type of the rug is more expensive than that made of man-made materials.



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The way to clean a Chinese silk carpet

Chinese silk rug features with superior quality, delicate and  actually a piece of art. Made of natural silk materials by hand, Chinese silk rug offers a particular difficulty with regards to cleaning. Silk may perhaps be recognized for its light-weight durability, nonetheless the completed item is typically deemed gentle & fragile. While laying silk carpets in places where they may be receive little traffic will greatly reduce the level of cleaning they need, sometimes cleaning remains beneficial. If your rug is 100% pure natural silk, professional cleaning is necessary, however if it is a silk blend other materials, it is possible to clean it at home all by youself is possible.

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The way to Take away Stains From Persian Carpets

The way to Take away Stains From Persian Carpets

Ink, drinks, food and pet dirt are all probably to pollute Persian rugs. You might have perhaps experienced one or more of such stains on your 
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Oriental carpets for home study

Oriental carpets are already involved in Western household ornaments for over five centuries. The original hand made rugs, taken through the countries from the Middle East to China, are adored due to their superb design and pattern. An Oriental carpet within your study is likely to make the space seem to be superior and vigorous. 

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Knots used in Oriental Rugs

Knot weaving skill is the most widely used method of making a carpet. There are different ways of knot weaving but basically Persian knot and Turkish knot are one of the most popular ones. Persian knot is symmetric whereas , Turkish knot is not.  

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Main consists of the persian rug

A carpet consists of two parts: one is "foundation", which is formed by warp and weft yarns and the other is the "pile". Warp yarns are the vertical strands of fibers stretching from the top to the bottom of a carpet. They are extremely important components because the knots are tied to them and the weft yarns are woven through them. 

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Tools for making Persian rug

The weaving of a carpet requires a list of certain tools and these tools can be classified mainly as follows according to their functions:
Before weaving a carpet, the weavers will firstly need a colored drawing of it. The drawing was usually designed by the famous artists or designers and the weaver follow exactly every detail as indicated on the drawing.

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Nepal handmade carpets

The highland of Tibet is the actual home of the so-called Nepal carpets. When Tibet was declared Autonomic Territory of the Peoples Republic of China in 1959, not only their worldly leader, the Dalai Lama, but also many Tibetans fled the country to the neighbouring countries across the borders.

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