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What's an Aubusson rug

Aubusson rug is a kind of decorative carpet that created by Franch people centuries ago. The beauty and elegance of Aubusson rugs are rather distinctive that well-recongnized as ornamental elements across the western countries. 

Aubusson rug take its name from the town of Aubusson, positioned in the middle of France, near Lyon, along the River of Creuse. 

Aubusson rug & tapestry production detes back to the 17th centuries and continued to be in trend for plenty of the following hundred years. The history of Aubusson rug is brilliant and an essential part of the spring up of the arts of the Renaissance times. The production of Aubusson rug ceased around the year 1870 in the town of Aubusson. Nevertheless, for over 200 years, Aubusson weavers created so many beautiful hand woven rugs and tapestries that had been highly regarded all across Europe.Today, Aubusson rugs are still possible to enjoy as they are continue to be replicated in Shandong Province, China.

Aubusson rugs are generally made of wool or sometimes natural silk, the pattern usually a floral bouquet or medallion, with pastel or natural colors as background. Both floral bouquet and medallion motifs are vintage and elegant, offering endless beauty to fit any cottage.

Aubusson rug industry encounters diffculties after 2008 due to the inflation and foreign exchange rate, but China is still the main country for offering Aubusson rugs. As of 2013, a piece of 2' X 3 'Aubusson area rug made in China averaged starting prices of around USD 90, about USD 15 per square foot. Shopping from Ebay or retail shops could be more expensive. If you want a most wanted Aubusson rug with best price, it's better of you to find the manufacturer, it will greatly save you dollors. 

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