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Why people choose Aubusson rugs

There are many kinds of beautiful carpets in the marketplace, Persian, oriental, kilim, soumak and more, but many people insist to choose Aubusson rugs to enlight their home. The unique kind of rug offers much more than it ever did. Aubusson rug dates back to over 300 years ago, when it was created by French Aubusson town intellgient people. Its beauty never fades in hundred of years, numerous people loved it and reputation continued to grow till it achieved the high leavel stage of today, one of the most desired and appreciated kind of rug.

Aubusson rug reputed for its rich history, quality and design. Aubusson rug making envolved lots of procedures, and colors are usually are dozens, even over 100, weaving is all by hand, a skillful worker spends hours can only make a few inches, its quality and value is achieved by such a number of careful work. By order and place one quality Aubusson rug in your room you will immediately bring an stunning feel to it. Your home will no longer feel dull and plain; you will now be able to impress your guests and friends by arousing their envy. Make your home seem more like a palace by using this high quality floor covering.

Aubusson Rugs

Some times, when you come to a home laid with an Aubusson rug, you will be amized with the design of such beautiful kind of floor coverings. Even it's old that with many years of use, your attention still be captured by the beautiful floor coverings. The immpressive design, charming color combination and good flat woven craftsmanship of the beautiful Aubusson rug will take the breath of the viewer away. At he moment, a strong desire came into your mind that you realized that you also need one for your own, and an instantly showed great interested in getting an Aubusson rug.

Aubusson rug takes its name from a French town named Aubusson, where the place that Aubusson weaving rug firstly borned around 16th, later Aubusson rugs were recognized by more and more French people in middle 17th century. Aubusson weavers were entitled of "Aubusson Royal Rug Manufacturers" by Louis XIV in 1665. At that time, even the royal artistics were greatly impressed by the design and style of the Aubusson rugs.

Aubusson Carpet

Time has changed lots of thing in the world, but Aubusson rug remains as good as the origional. Today, France still make Aubusson rugs, but not too much. In 1980s, China startdd to absorb the essences of the Aubusson rug technical, and now, it makes the most of Aubusson rugs in the market, however, the quality is as good as French made. The Aubusson rug weavers are still devoted themselves to creating these quality floor coverings. One thing be certain that, wherever the Aubusson rugs are woven, the quality is always be extraordinary.

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